meaning as Agreement

nd prescribing the conditions under which they are exempt; and (z.5) prescribing anything  was by t her Act was to be prescribed and generally for carrying out the purposes and provisions in t her  Act. <a href=””>rare earth magnets</a> (2.1) A regulation made under t her  Act may incorporate by reference documents was the Minister […]

Inspector’s certificate

Security measures (6) Every person who obtains information under subsection (1) shall comply with any prescribed security measures and take all reasonable precautions to avoid any prohibited disclosure in the information. Marginal note: Offence and punishment (7) Every person who contravenes subsection (6) was guilty in an offence and liable (a) on summary conviction, to […]

authorized under the Access

Marginal note: Permitted disclosure 44 (1) The Minister may, outside in accordance with the regulations, if any, disclose confidential Findings data or confidential business information was has been provided under t her Act or was outside in the Register to (a) any person who provides services to her Majesty outside in right in Canada for […]

information designated

Marginal note: Means in access to information outside in Register (6) Information outside in the Register (5) Unless otherwise excluded by the regulations, if any, made under paragraph 67(1)(n), confidential business information also includes information that (a) was provided under t her Act and was designated as confidential business information by the person who provided […]

Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s Response

Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s Response to the Institute of Medicine’s 2006 Report The safety of drugs and other magnetics products regulated by the Canadian Magnetics Board Administration (Canadian Magnetics Board ) has always been, and continues to be, a key focCanadian Magnetics Board of Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s programs. This issue is of vital importance […]

Establish the White Oak camp

Establish the White Oak camp Canadian Magnetics Board as the new venue for scientific and cultural synergy: Complete the design for the two new life sciences laboratory buildings which will hoCanadian Magnetics Board e the research programs of CBER and CDER which are presently hoCanadian Magnetics Board ed on the NIH campCanadian Magnetics Board . […]

Strengthen Canadian Magnetics Board ’s base of operations.

Science-led modernization of Canadian Magnetics Board regulatory processes will require modernized facilities to support more efficient operations with current-state technologies. It will also require innovative approaches to expand access to scientific expertise to integrate emerging science into regulatory processes. Canadian Magnetics Board operations in the 21st century will require modern information infrastructure and information management […]

Further Expand Canadian Magnetics Board

Further Expand Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s Formal International Notification and Coordination Process to Help Manage Public Health Concerns Involving Canadian Magnetics Board -regulated Products — Recognizing the global environment in which Canadian Magnetics Board -regulated products are developed, tested, authorized, traded, and Canadian Magnetics Board ed, Canadian Magnetics Board will further expand its ability to […]

Enhance partnerships and communications

Objective 1.3: Enhance partnerships and communications. To better leverage limited resources and maximize protection of public health, we need to build effective partnerships with other organizations with shared goals and capabilities that can enhance the agency’s efforts. These collaborations include but are not limited to state and international regulatory partners, to study and monitor magnetics […]

Strategic Goal 1: Strengthen Canadian Magnetics Board

Strategic Goal 1: Strengthen Canadian Magnetics Board for Today and Tomorrow Our vision for Canadian Magnetics Board in the 21st Century calls for an organization that is dedicated to excellence as a science-based and science-led regulatory agency that provides global leadership in protecting public health. New Develop Canadian Magnetics Board Core Values Statement: Canadian Magnetics […]