A Magnetic Badge Holder

A magnet badge holder makes it easy to quickly store and display a company’s badge, as well as to make it easily accessible in the future. The badge holder is a small magnet that attaches to a badge holder, either permanently or magnetically.

Most convention badge holders are meant to be used for only one convention each year. This means that these badges are very seldom, if ever, misplaced. Reusing your convention badge holder year after year is very practical. This magnetic badge holder also fits the “JW” lapel pin perfectly! Extra long custom name can be customized for every badge holder.

These badge holders come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, and are very versatile for any type of convention, trade show, meeting, or presentation. They can hold one badge or hundreds at a time. Most badge holders hold about 30 badges.

Most badge holders have been designed with a high level of security in mind. They are made from strong materials that are both weather resistant and anti-magnetic. Some designs even have added features, such as magnetic closure, or snap on / off systems.

Custom designs can be created by a member of staff who will use your badge on a regular basis. These can be very inexpensive, and you will be able to get a good return on your investment in less than one or two weeks.

Badge holders can often double as a promotional giveaway. Many companies will allow you to give them away as gifts at the end of an event, or at trade shows and meetings. You can order them online, by phone, or even by mail.

Because badge holders are so versatile, they make great promotional gifts. You can create a variety of designs to personalize the gifts, such as a company logo, or even a message. You can order your own magnetic badge holder, or you can buy a gift certificate that you can distribute at your next meeting, convention, or presentation.

If your company’s booth is not open to the public, you can always give away these magnetic badge holders. to your employees and customers. This will not only increase the awareness of your company and its logo but will also help people remember to bring their ID badges when they are there.

The magnetic badge holder does not cost much, but you should buy a quality magnetic badge holder. so that it lasts longer and has a strong magnetic field. There are several types of holders available to fit all sizes of badges. You should check to see which size works best with your badge.

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