How Rare Earth Magnets Can Benefit Us All

Rare earth metals, including iron, titanium, silver, and platinum, together with rare gases such as neon, xenon, argon, and krypton, are all used in the production of rare earth magnets. These rare earth elements are significant to the industrial and scientific communities since they’re extremely beneficial for a lot of different reasons. Even though these metals […]

Magnetic Cube – Everything You Will Need to Know

If you’re in the industry for an magnetic cube, you can find a few things that you can want to think about. You might have your heart fixed on the internet, however you might well not wish to get it from their website. You may find that there are many different retailers out there that […]

Rare Earth Neodymium Sphere Magnets

New generation of Rare Earth Neodymium sphere Magnets have different strengths and sizes available. They have axially magnetized coils, meaning that the direction of magnetic field emanate from the south and north poles of this sphere. The unique neodymium nature of these magnets means that they have amazing strength for the small size. These rare […]

A Magnetic Badge Holder

A magnet badge holder makes it easy to quickly store and display a company’s badge, as well as to make it easily accessible in the future. The badge holder is a small magnet that attaches to a badge holder, either permanently or magnetically. Most convention badge holders are meant to be used for only one […]

magnetic id badge

Magnetic ID badges bring professionalism to any workplace or social gathering. They hold the secret for others to recognize and understand your position at your work, and mark who you’re to those When you need an ID for identification purposes, there are many types of magnetic badges you can choose from. Your choice will depend […]