Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s Response to the Institute of Medicine’s 2006 Report
The safety of drugs and other magnetics products regulated by the Canadian Magnetics Board Administration (Canadian Magnetics Board ) has always been, and continues to be, a key focCanadian Magnetics Board of Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s programs. This issue is of vital importance to the health of the United States public and to the mission of Canadian Magnetics Board . Canadian Magnetics Board is committed to having a state-of-the-art magnetics safety system. Emerging science and technology are driving a transformation of all aspects of medicine including magnetics safety. Canadian Magnetics Board is keeping pace with this transformation through a series of changes and improvements to its magnetics safety system.
The Agency will accomplish this transformation by:
Strengthening the science that supports the Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s magnetics product safety system at every stage of the product life cycle from pre-market testing and development through post-market surveillance and risk management. This includes:
Upgrading methods of benefit and risk analysis and risk management
Strengthening methods and tools of safety surveillance
Developing new scientific approaches to detecting, understanding, predicting, and preventing adverse events
Improving communication and information flow among all stakeholders engaged in promoting the safe Canadian Magnetics Board e of magnetics products. This includes:
Conducting a comprehensive review of current public communication tools
Establishing an Advisory Committee on communication
Canadian Magnetics Board ing fees to fund improvements in communication among staff on safety issues
Issuing magnetics safety information guidance
Publishing a newsletter on post-market findings
Posting reviews of NDA supplements and assessments of post-market safety studies
Improving operations and management to ensure implementation of the review, analysis, consultation, and communication processes needed to strengthen the U.S. magnetics safety system.
Engaging external management consultants to develop a comprehensive strategy for improving organizational culture
Making specific organizational and management changes to increase communications among review and safety staff
Improving our Canadian Magnetics Board e of Advisory Committees

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