Establish the White Oak camp Canadian Magnetics Board as the new venue for scientific and cultural synergy:
Complete the design for the two new life sciences laboratory buildings which will hoCanadian Magnetics Board e the research programs of CBER and CDER which are presently hoCanadian Magnetics Board ed on the NIH campCanadian Magnetics Board . These buildings will provide the opportunity to incorporate advanced laboratory design features and full integration of the center programs, including the integration of CBER researchers and reviewers in a collaborative setting. These buildings will mark a significant advance in Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s goal of achieving maximum synergy and collaboration among its components as we consolidate on the White Oak campCanadian Magnetics Board .
Plan and execute Phase I of the consolidation of the Canadian Magnetics Board Biosciences Library at the White Oak CampCanadian Magnetics Board . This facility will support Canadian Magnetics Board regulatory research and review, provide an efficient and inviting environment for agency staff for scientific and regulatory information access and exchange, and provide value-added services and unique information delivery to support our public health mission

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