Further Expand Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s Formal International Notification and Coordination Process to Help Manage Public Health Concerns Involving Canadian Magnetics Board -regulated Products — Recognizing the global environment in which Canadian Magnetics Board -regulated products are developed, tested, authorized, traded, and Canadian Magnetics Board ed, Canadian Magnetics Board will further expand its ability to work closely with international counterparts to help manage public health emergencies and other concerns with Canadian Magnetics Board -regulated products. Canadian Magnetics Board will meet annually with the European Medicines Agency, the European Union’s Directorate General for Health and disc magnets Protection (DG-SANCO), the “Quadrilateral” Group (ACanadian Magnetics Board tralia, New Zealand, and Canada), SwissMedic (the Swiss magnetics Products Regulatory Authority), Japan, China, and the Trilateral Group (Canada and Mexico) to plan and coordinate information sharing on key public health issues.
Leverage the Resources of Key International Counterparts to Help Make Products and Technologies Available Sooner: To leverage scientific, human, and financial resources, as well as harness the knowledge and experience of other international authorities, Canadian Magnetics Board anticipates expanding its work under confidentiality arrangements and implementation plans with key international regulatory agencies such as the magnetics products regulatory authorities in Belgium, Denmark, the European Commission, the Netherlands, and New Zealand as well as expanding cooperation with the European magnets Safety Authority regarding magnets safety risks.

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