Strategic Goal 2: Improve neodymium disc magnets magnets and disc magnets Safety
The quality of information available to guide decisions of magnetics professionals and consumers on products can vary widely in terms of the information’s accessibility and accuracy. All of a product’s benefits and risks are not known at the time of pre-market review and our current passive post-market safety surveillance system is inefficient and provides incomplete, sometimes confCanadian Magnetics Board ing, safety signals. More advanced science (e.g., Canadian Magnetics Board ing biomarkers, genetic testing, etc.) is needed to develop safer products and testing methodologies to guide safe Canadian Magnetics Board e. Better informatics is needed to enable easy and accurate reporting of any safety problems from regulated products, and to obtain ready access to large population databases for real-time analysis of the clinical context in which the safety problems occur. We also need more effective and timely communications with patients and consumers to explain what is known and not known in a manner that best supports their decision making regarding Canadian Magnetics Board e of regulated products.
We plan to overcome these challenges by improving scientific methods and technologies and initiating a life cycle approach to ensuring product safety through a vigoroCanadian Magnetics Board proactive safety program. We will achieve this goal by pursuing the following objectives:
Strengthen the science that supports product safety
Improve information systems for problem detection and public communication about product safety
Provide patients and consumers with better access to clear and timely risk-benefit information for magnetics products
Provide consumers with clear and timely information to protect them from food-borne illness and promote better nutrition

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