th year sociology-Impact of Women’s Experiences in Non-traditional Essay
4th year sociology-Impact of Women’s Experiences in Non-traditional Occupations – Essay Example Mostly women filled jobs of teachers, nurses, doctors, baby sitters and social workers, but these were considered as traditional jobs. Gradually, women entered the non-traditional occupations. This essay will discuss why the Canadian women entered the labour market, which was the non-traditional occupations they ventured into, and the challenges they faced in the predominantly male-dominated occupations. A non-traditional job for women is one where they account for only 33% of the workforce. There has been a dramatic growth in the share of the women who are part of the paid work force. Women traditionally stayed at home but gradually, they realized that they did not even have common justice within the home, which is one of the strongest reasons why women ventured out of home. Women, with children at home contributed eleven hours of free labor every day with nothing to fall back upon. In the 1960s and 1970s, they became conscious of their rights and clamored for economic security. As they rose up to fight for their rights, they realized the discrimination they faced in the labor market. The women’s movement brought about dramatic rise in the women labor force. Women were subject to inequality and hardships. Apart from the expansion of the service sector, rising standards of consumption and decline in real wages, encouraged the employment of married women (Ch6, p 4). They start ed challenging the traditional gender divisions of labor and worked collectively to bring about changes in the education, attitudes, working practices and legislation. Women gradually moved into non-traditional occupations (NTO), those generally occupied by men. The NTO generally include engineering, veterinary practice, financial management, law and construction. This was due to changes in the education level and the changing social attitudes. Once they stepped into the non-traditional occupations, they enjoyed better oppurtunities
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Saturday, November 2, 2019
Discharge for Whistleblower Activity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays – 500 words
Discharge for Whistleblower Activity – Essay Example However, Broom and Miller chose not to follow standard procedure and instead of going to the accused employee’s immediate supervisor, they went the medication consultant at the facility. Their reasoning was based on the fact that the accused employee had a close personal friendship with her immediate supervisor, Sarah Dutton. The act that Broom and Miller carried out went against protocol. Because these two employees did not follow the proper chain of command and protocol in choosing to file their complaint, this only gave their employer’s legal position more support. 2. Because Broom and Miller were subject to the employment-at-will doctrine, even if they had been members of a bargaining unit that was connected with union representation, it still would not have provided any advantage to their case. The reality is that these employees could not be protected under a collective bargaining agreement because Oklahoma common law gives the right to employees to discharge an at-will employee at any time of their choosing. Broom and Miller attempted to argue their case by citing the three statutory laws that they thought supported their actions. These three laws were the Nursing Home Care Act, the Residential Care Act, and the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act. This first statutory law governed safeguards and procedures for the storage, safekeeping, monitoring, dispensing, and destruction of patient prescription drugs. The employer argued that this only covered nursing homes within the state and that the employer’s company is legall y a residential care facility and cannot be included in the law. The second statutory law does apply to the employer’s facility because the employer admitted so. However, the employer argued that the language in this law were general and did not cover the Oklahoma employment-at-will doctrine. Finally, the third law makes it a criminal offense to steal controlled and dangerous substances, but Broom and Miller did not make a specific argument to justify their claims. Reaffirming what was said in the previous question, Broom and Miller failed to follow the proper procedures when filing their complaint.
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Data Communication Using the Top-Down Approach Essay – 2
Data Communication Using the Top-Down Approach – Essay Example According to Hicks (2004), this the top down emphasizes on planning as well as a total understanding of the system and in this case coding does not begin until a sufficient level of detail has been attained. This design was promoted by Harlan Mils who was an IBM researcher and Niklaus Wirth in the 1970s. Â Equity first a mortgage brokerage company located in New England has a centralized operations center. This center which is located in Exeter, New Hampshire, is the center of all operations and it, therefore, controls all the operations of the other ten branches in Maine and Massachusetts. It is also the administrative center as it hosts departments such as accounting, human resources, executive management, and support staff. The operations center maintains a central database used to store customer information, such as loan applications, credit check information, and approval status. This fulfills the first requirement that the top-down model needs to have a central office that manages all the operations. Â Computer networking using the top-down approach focuses on new short interlude and eventual ‘putting it all together’ that follows the coverage of the network, data link layers, transport awe well as application (Hicks 2004). Each office at Equity first is now self-reliant as they do not rely on the main office to ensure maintenance as well as effective communication. It is also responsible for the decrease in errors when it comes to operations hence no delays or breaks downs in communication takes place because each operation takes place separately. It is also quite easy to maintain because the errors are few and are easy to identify and correct.
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Business Law Essay Example for Free
Business Law Essay You are to work on this assignment alone without assistance from others; however, you may use your text, class lectures and your notes in completing the assignment. Points earned from this assignment will be added to your total point score for the semester. (See the course syllabus for the course grading scale.) Due Date Mon., Nov. 12th: This is an out-of-class assignment and is to be turned in no later than the beginning of class on the due date. The Assignment: Read the news articles and the federal regulations that follow. Answer the questions about potential claims. Please note: †¢ Your answers are to be marked on the Assignment. Mark clearly to show which answer you have selected. †¢ Write your name on the Assignment Sheet. Submit a hard copy of the entire Assignment Sheet. NTSB releases details on Lake Butler crash No charges have been filed against bus driver, although a criminal investigation continues. By ASSOCIATED PRESS Published February 3, 2006 LAKE BUTLER, FLORIDA – The truck driver who plowed into a car at a school bus stop last week killing seven children had been awake for 34 hours, except for a short nap, an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday. David Rayburn, the lead NTSB investigator for the Lake Butler crash, said the 31-year-old truck driver, Alvin Wilkerson, was refusing to talk to investigators about the accident. Rayburn and Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Leeper refused to release the name of Wilkerson’s attorney. Calls to Crete Carrier Corp., the Lincoln, Nebraska, trucking company Wilkerson drove for, were not immediately returned. Blood tests showed he had not been using alcohol or drugs, Leeper said. Wilkerson was not using his cell phone at the time of the accident. No charges have been filed against Wilkerson, although a criminal investigation continues. Rayburn said driver fatigue was one of main factors being looked into as the cause of the crash. â€ŔHe was driving quite a bit during those 34 hours, probably too much,† Rayburn said, adding that Wilkerson was making deliveries and loading and unloading his truck. At the time of the crash, Wilkerson was driving a load of bottled water from High Springs to Jacksonville, a trip of about 85 miles. The NTSB, using an identical school bus and truck, determined the school bus should have been visible for about 3,000 feet (more than half a mile) and there was some light

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