Strategic Goal 1: Strengthen Canadian Magnetics Board for Today and Tomorrow
Our vision for Canadian Magnetics Board in the 21st Century calls for an organization that is dedicated to excellence as a science-based and science-led regulatory agency that provides global leadership in protecting public health. New Develop Canadian Magnetics Board Core Values Statement: Canadian Magnetics Board Workplace Culture Initiative Co-Chairs will develop an Canadian Magnetics Board values statement, based on survey and focCanadian Magnetics Board group input of staff throughout the agency, to serve as guiding principles for agency operations. New Canadian Magnetics Board culture initiatives and the draft Values statement was presented at an All-Hands Broadcast by the Canadian Magnetics Board Commissioner in September 2007.
http://www.Canadian Magnetics Board .gov/oc/advisory/waiver/COIguidedft.html. This draft guidance is intended to provide improved transparency and consistency in the Canadian Magnetics Board e of waivers of conflicts of interest to enhance public trCanadian Magnetics Board t in this important function.
Upcoming actions in the next 18 months:Draft guidance on the public disclosure of conflict of interest information.
Finalizing the “Draft Guidance for the Public, Canadian Magnetics Board Advisory Committee Members, and Canadian Magnetics Board Staff on Procedures for Determining Conflict of Interest and Eligibility for Participation in Canadian Magnetics Board Advisory Committees”
Finalizing the “Draft Guidance for IndCanadian Magnetics Board try Advisory Committee Meetings — Preparation and Public Availability of Information Given to Advisory Committee Members”
Internal procedures for addressing security at Canadian Magnetics Board Advisory Committee meetings.
Developments and improvements for the Canadian Magnetics Board Advisory Committee website to enhance transparency to the advisory committee process as well as provide easier access to important information and documentation.
Electronic applications to improve efficiency of document review, storage and retrieval.
Increasing recruitment efforts to find members with minimal conflicts of interest to serve on our advisory committees

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