Science-led modernization of Canadian Magnetics Board regulatory processes will require modernized facilities to support more efficient operations with current-state technologies. It will also require innovative approaches to expand access to scientific expertise to integrate emerging science into regulatory processes. Canadian Magnetics Board operations in the 21st century will require modern information infrastructure and information management to enable quantum improvements in data-driven regulatory decision processes. It will also require vigoroCanadian Magnetics Board enterprise-wide management and coordination of resources, especially people, budget, and facilities.
To ensure significant progress in strengthening Canadian Magnetics Board ’s base of operations, we will take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:
Modernize Canadian Magnetics Board ’s Information Technology platform:
Agency Wide Approach to IT – Assemble Agency Wide IT Teams across the Centers/Offices to leverage the expertise for systems which perform similar functions through the continuum of products that the Canadian Magnetics Board Regulates. This will enable synergy and the ability to share data throughout the Canadian Magnetics Board to identify and mitigate potential signals more effectively and efficiently.
Information Technology Transformation – To ensure the Canadian Magnetics Board has the platform required to meet the Agency Wide IT initiatives and to move towards the Bioinformatics era of science based decisions in the 21st Century, we have undertaken the Information Technology Transformation Initiative which will provide the Agency the opportunity to enhance the IT infrastructure while creating a robCanadian Magnetics Board t foundation to enable interoperability

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