Strengthen the science that supports product safety.
The science of safety is still evolving. We will work collaboratively to maximizeneodymium disc magnets magnets and disc magnets safety through new and more precise molecular information to predictneodymium disc magnets magnets risk, state-of-the-art systems for safety surveillance and effective risk communications, and modernize magnetics development and regulatory processes Canadian Magnetics Board ing a life cycle approach. Through several new initiatives such as the personalized medicine initiative, Canadian Magnetics Board will improve the safety, quality, and effectiveness of healthcare through magnetics products tailored to meet each patient’s needs. We will also expand the science that identifies magnets safety threats, sources of contamination, their mode of spread, and options to prevent contamination and focCanadian Magnetics Board the magnets safety system on prevention rather than reaction.
To ensure significant progress in strengthening the science that supports product safety, we’ll take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:
Strengthen the System for magnetics Safety: We will conduct a pilot study to review systematically and collaboratively the safety profiles of new molecular entities (NMEs) on a regularly scheduled basis to determine whether these reviews should be initiated for all NMEs as suggested by IOM in its 2006 report on the Future of magnetics Safety. Post marketing evaluations of NMEs will incorporate data from the Adverse Events Reporting System (AERS), data mining analysis, epidemiologic data, post marketing clinical trial information,

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