Using the Whiteboard and Magnetic Paint:
Gotta state that this had been a fairly straighforward procedure. Much like artwork with each and every day paint. With that said, l discovered the whiteboard paint only a little thicker than old-fashioned household shows however it still flowed on rather well. As far as the odour went, there is only a little present, but was in not a way unpleasant than some whiteboard shows nowadays. It is strongly suggested that you paint in a ventilated room which is common to the majority of paints anyhow.

For my job l used a sheet of concrete board (Tile Underlay). The finish product goes through to my workshop wall so l desired one thing a little more robust than drywall or plasterboard.

PRO Suggestion:
It’s really important for maximised performance which you have a truly clean and dust free surface to apply this product to. I also pre-primed my sheet of cement board with a sealer/primer to mimic artwork over a finished surface which will be the majority of applications with this style of paint.

Using a sealer/primer to raw materials just before using the top layer of finished paint is vital since it guarantees much better adhesion of top coat plus adding paint durability and extra protection for product becoming coated.

Magnetized Paint Application:
MagnetStep 1:
There’s no real technique right here to utilize the magnetized Paint . Load the roller using paint and move it on. Start from underneath and roll toward top. When you get to the very best, go the roller to the right hand side and roll right down to the bottom….it’s as easy as that. One very first impression l have mention is that there was clearly little odour when making use of this paint that will be a proper extra as much of this various other comparable items available produce a pungent scent which can be perhaps not ideal in an office or class room environment or for your self for that matter inhaling the odour. Subsequently, it rolls in smoothly which is an excellent surprise as l expected it to be heavy to lay on once the paint itself is pretty hefty in weight versus a regular home wall paint.

Step 2:
The instructions tell apply two coats so understanding that l made certain that l followed the drying times and applied the 2nd coat.

Magnetized Paint

Time for you to try that Magnetic Paint.
Magnetic Paint


Between coats of paint, to save time cleaning up the roller, merely put the roller with the paint nevertheless on it, in clingwrap or aluminium foil. This may keep carefully the roller from becoming dry between coats. Make sure to leave plenty of paint regarding the roller before wrapping to give the storage time so it’s ready to go for the next coating!

Please be aware: you should be careful using the whiteboard paint since the chemical response between Part the and role B triggers the paint to dry quickly. Adhere to the drying times on the label and dont leave the roller to long.

For normal daily home paint, to quickly attain a straight longer storage time, place the roller in fridge…just make fully sure you get permission from the boss and don’t conceal the roller behind the veggies…you might get yourself into a little bit of strife 😂

Paint Roller

Whiteboard Paint Application:
The Whiteboard Paint needs the mixing together of Part the and Part B.Whiteboard Paint

Monsta’s Whiteboard Paint needs at the least two coats. Knowing that, an easy calculation is that for each 2.5 square metres that you will be painting, you’ll need one litre associated with Monsta Whiteboard Paint. That amount takes into consideration and includes the two coats.

Using the whitewall paint is really as easy as 1-2-3. Just roll in as you would with a standard house paint just paying attention never to overwork it. Depending on instructions, keep time the whitewall paint to dry fully before you apply the second coat.

Something to-be careful of while using the Whiteboard Paint is always to just blend collectively the number you want for that particular coat that you will be painting.Mixing Whiteboard Paint the reason behind this is whenever you blend component A with Part B, you create a chemical effect that makes the paint go off fairly quickly. In the event that you combine the complete contents and only make use of one half the first layer, the second half of the paint will be to challenging use the 2nd coat… me…l discovered that out of the hard means.

Whiteboard Paint

Painting the Whiteboard Paint throughout the Magnetic Paint.

Assure good much paint circulation, also to eliminate any lines created from the edge of the roller, you need to lead using the heel for the roller.

Paint Roller

A little applying some stress on heel side of the roller will avoid lines from forming on the other hand.

The major Question….Is it Cost Effective?Money Image
Like any person, value for money is essential, otherwise, the reason why would you bother. I did some analysis and developed the next reviews so l’ll allow you to be the judge.

We’re going to compare the merchandise to a ready-made magnetic whiteboard to the dimensions of 1200mm x 2400mm which equates to 2.8 square metres in location. The price for example among these boards varies between $230.00 and $300.00.

Monsta One Litre Write Paint (Whiteboard Paint) and Magnetic Paint Kit. The item utilized in the video and on this website:

Covers a place of 3 square metres for $97.00
Comparable Items in the Industry. Whiteboard just with NO Magnetized Paint:
Dulux Dry Erase pint covers 5 square metres for $240.00
Writey Board Paint addresses 2.3 square metres for $89.00
Rustoleum Dry Erase paint addresses 2.8 square metres for $51.90
Magnetized Paint:
Rustoleum have actually magnetized paint that addresses 3 square metres for $45. Total of both whiteboard and magnetized paint is $96.95 Brought in from USA .
Dulux Magnetic paint covers 2 square metres for $20.80. Total of both whiteboard and magnetic paint is $260.80 The magnets for the magnet board can be found here:
Push-pin Magnets

Large Magnetic Drive Pins & Whiteboard Magnets

Push-pin Magnets For Schools Work & Home Magnetic Push Pins

Magnetic pushpins are pushpin like magnets applied to the magnetized surfaces. Also called push-pin magnets

Our large magnetized push pins & Whiteboard Magnets are presented in numerous colors & tints these powerful magnetic push pins will likely not keep your stuff on the floor

Super Large Magnetic push pins

Magnetized pushpins tend to be pushpin like magnets utilized on the magnetic surfaces

Large Neodymium Magnetic Pushpins 150 Pieces Solitary

My Summary:
I like the product. It’s simple to use, affordable and the entire work could be completed over a week-end assuming that the climatic circumstances are…not to cool. The one thing l could be cautious of is the manner in which you end the magnetic paint. You desire a nice smooth finish therefore don’t put it on to thick making yes you smooth the layer with a nearly dried out roller during the conclusion of every layer.

To make certain that’s it Folks!….what do you believe? Individually l love the product and certainly will see a mountain of utilizes because of it.

Due to the fact that you can paint an entire wall surface aided by the product, I am able to just observe it will be great for having your work mates more involved together with your presentations. Having it magnetized is a further extra.
What about utilizing a projector to project a life-size image from the wall that one may connect to. Perfect for team involvement.
I can see deploying it as an organising device during my garage. Movie coming soon.
There’s no reason why you cann’t color a wall in just one of the children bedrooms with all the product and allow the young ones reduce loose!
You’re really just tied to your imagination as to the size of the wall surface you can easily paint.
Hope you enjoyed and found helpful my blog Post on Monsta’s Whiteboard and Magnetic Paint.

In the event that you’d choose to try out this product away, visit my unique code below for an additional 5per cent from the currently knockout price.


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